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Welcome to Kindred Spirits Animal Communication

We are sad to report that Rebecca has passed away.
Rebecca left peacefully with her family by her side, after waging a courageous, life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Those of you who knew Rebecca know that she dedicated her life to helping both animals and humans alike using her numerous gifts.   It was extremely  important to Rebecca that her work be continued after her passing. To that end, Rebecca suggested two of her fellow colleagues to serve your needs:

Carolee Biddle (Animal Communication)
Phone:  262-394-6445

Stacy Krafczyk (Animal Communication, Personal readings, Healing energy work)
Phone:  414-460-4781

"You can buy me a rabbit." That's what Bella the pug said to Rebecca Moravec of Kindred Spirits Animal Communication, a traveling animal communicator who ventures throughout metro Milwaukee and northern Illinois to various pet stores. Eyes closed, room silent, Moravec chats telepathically with the pooch while she meanders about the room. As for the rest of doggie Bella's thoughts? She's very popular in the family, wants the windows open at home and would like to drink out of a real water glass, not bowls. Goodness.

Welcome to the Kindred Spirits Animal Communication website.  Rebecca Moravec is Kindred Spirits.  With 15 years of experience as a Professional Animal Communicator, she is considered a Master in her field.  She is also a Reiki Master Teacher.  Rebecca has shared her gifts with countless animals and humans in an effort to create a more harmonious relationship for all living beings.  

 Now it is your turn! - let us take you on a journey into the world of animal communication and energy healing.
All living things are inextricably linked together.  It is this interconnectedness that compels us to understand our animal friends on a much deeper and more meaningful level.  If you desire a closer relationship with your animal friend, if you would really like to know what your animal is thinking, telepathic animal communication is the necessary tool to achieve just that.  Telepathy is something every living being is born with.  Allow Rebecca to reintroduce you to your telepathic abilities so that you can communicate directly with your animal friends.  
As we share our life and home with our animal friends, it is inevitable that our actions, or the actions of others can adversely affect these animals.   Whether or not these actions are intentional they can result in emotional trauma suffered by the animal. Animals may exhibit emotional trauma in different ways, including undesired behavior.  Using telepathic communication Rebecca can help you understand why your animal is behaving a certain way and help the animal to let go of any negative emotions and redirect their behavior in a more positive way. 
As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Rebecca can introduce you to the world of energy healing and train you how to use healing energy for yourself, family members and friends (human and animal!) through private consultations, workshops, and Reiki
Allow Rebecca to share her gifts with you and your animal friends so that you both may experience a deeper and more meaningful relationship!


(peek a boo)

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