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Consultations can be conducted either in person or by phone. Using her telepathy, Rebecca will make a connection with the animal and receive information in the form of images, thoughts, feelings, emotions and words.  She will then convey that information to the animalís person.  Rebecca can also convey any questions, thoughts or comments from the person to their animal companion.  This allows for two-way conversation.

Telepathic communication is an energetic connection; therefore physical distance is not a factor in the quality of the connection with the animal.   In fact, most consultations are conducted over the phone. 

For some animals this method of communication is more effective, as the animal will not be distracted by the presence of a stranger or by being in a strange place.  Such distractions can hamper the animalís ability to focus during the session, thus affecting the quality of the connection and the amount of information received during the consultation.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation

ō   Most consultations are done over the telephone at a prearranged time that is convenient for all parties, including the animal. Appointments are best scheduled after feeding and exercise time, as this will minimize distractions.    

ō   Prior to the appointment, I will request that you send a recent picture of your animal. The picture is used during the consultation to ensure I have connected with the right animal.

ō   I encourage my clients to take some time before the appointment and make a list of questions for their animal friend.

ō   Plan on taking notes during the consultation. Once the information begins to flow, it may be difficult to remember everything. 

ō   The key to a successful consultation is for you to put aside any doubts you may have and be open to the idea of telepathic communication with your animal friend.  If you come to the consultation with a negative attitude, it can adversely effect the flow of communication. Your animal will immediately sense your attitude and be unwilling to participate. So, put your skepticism aside, have an open mind, and you will experience first hand just how much wisdom and insight your animal companion can offer you.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Some animals are very comfortable with the idea of conversing with a human and need no prompting. They will immediately express comments, concerns or have questions. Others are a little wary and may need a little coaxing to help them feel comfortable.   

During the consultation I will get your animalís viewpoint on things. Whether you are just checking in with your animal friend, or are concerned about behavior, I urge you to ask as many questions as you would like. Animals may not necessarily share something with you unless you ask them about it.   

Most animals are very enthusiastic when we try to communicate with them. It is an opportunity for them to share thoughts and feelings they may have about their general well being, happiness and comfort. Although I cannot diagnose illness or disease, I can, with your animalís permission, get a sense of any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing.

I may not get all the details from the animal, since this is their perspective. I may need your help to fill in the blanks.   Remember, you have probably been with your animal at least several years. I, on the other hand, have just met them. A successful consultation is a group effort from all parties involved. 

After a consultation, most people experience a much closer relationship with their animal friend. This creates a strong bond of caring and mutual understanding for a more harmonious life together.

How to Schedule a Consultation with Your Animal Companion

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or if you would like more information, please call 815-675-2813, or send an email to RRManimaltalk@aol.com

Visit our FAQs page to get answers to additional questions regarding animal communication.

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